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Monday, September 13, 2010

war whoop

Myths surround Nigeria's Hyena Men. Many Africans believe they have magical powers and are even part animal. When they walk into town with their rock pythons, monkeys and hyenas in chains, the spectacle is overwhelming. Baboons dressed in Chelsea football strips turn somersaults, ride motorbikes and handle snakes while the men collect money, selling voodoo fetishes and charms amidst the chaos of Nigeria's grid-locked street.
'The Hyena Men' makes uncomfortable viewing. It reveals the extraordinary relationship between a Nigerian street gang and their wild-caught hyenas, baboons and pythons.Through immersive techniques of observational documentary, it shows how the wild finds its way into one the most choked cities on earth, and how families, born into poverty, become utterly dependent on animals for their survival.

music babe

Jaill - Everyone's Hip

Ousmane Kouyaté - Beni Haminanko

Childhood - Paper Wave

1927 recording
Hoyt Ming and his pep stompers - Indian War Whoop

1970 rock? here ju go
Iggy pop and the stooges - down the street

1973 reggae
The Upsetters - panta rock

Neil young - on the beach

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